You may consider an Iron Curtain Roller Shutter Door for the following reasons:

  • Space is an issue – The roller door can be rolled up neatly out of the way
  • You require a custom made door to suite the opening
  • You require effortless access (ask us about automating the door)
  • You require a durable, reliable corrosion resistant door
  • You would like to control access
  • You would like to beef up security (solid or perforated steel slats available)
  • Curtain Slats

    Slats are an integral part of the Roller Shutter Door and are available in different solid galvanised profiles, thickness, perforated profiles and powder coated finishes. Lengths cut to customer’s requirements.

  • Guides

    These cold rolled steel channels are mounted vertically on either side of the door opening forming a guide channel for the curtain to run in. Different lengths, thickness and depths of the channel can be supplied depending on different door applications.

  • Bottom Rail (T-Bar)

    The Roller Shutter Door curtain is further reinforced with an inverted steel T-section, riveted to the bottom slat OR with our custom built aluminium T-Bar which offers increased strength, stability, corrosion resistance and a neater finish. Grooves are extruded at the bottom of the aluminium T-Bar to accommodate our purpose made rubber weather strip.

  • End Plates

    These steel plates support the Roller Shutter Door bearings, shaft and springs and are fixed to the existing structure (building) and also provide fixing points for the canopy cover.

  • Shafts

    The mild steel shaft is the “heart” of the Roller Shutter Door and allows the curtain to roll neatly around itself. Shafts are available in different lengths and diameters, depending on the door required.

  • Automations

    Iron Curtain Roller Shutter Doors boasts it’s very own range of Roller Shutter Door automation products. Available to the public or private installer (contractors).
    Available in either 220 volt, heavy duty three phase or battery backup units.